The Houston Press ~ Between the Lines: A Scientology-backed tutoring program looks to expand in the Houston area

December 13, 2003 under Project CALL (Houston)

The Fort Bend/Southwest Sun reports on Project CALL, a “fledgling literacy center” recently launched in Missouri City, Texas: Located in a strip center on Texas Parkway between a movie theatre and a soul food restaurant, the small literacy center beckons those who need help with a simple sign that reads “Need Help With Reading?” But, just that sign, along with word of mouth, is keeping the center full with those who do need and want help with their reading skills.


The center uses a study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard, author of “Learning How to Learn,” an illustrated work that teaches children how to study.Everybody who participates in the program must read the book. “If they can’t read the book, we read it to them,” says Edwards.

Pariani says part of the theory that works so well is that it is simple. It works for everyone, even adults and people who have been labeled with learning disabilities, she says. The program also adds some fun into the mix.

“We make learning fun, entertaining and interesting,” says Pariani. “I remember there was one boy that was brought here, and he did not want any part of it. He did not want to be here,” she says. “But, when the lesson was over, he did not want to leave.”

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