Fox News ~ People lets Tom Cruise promote Scienotology

July 14, 2003 under Tom Cruise

by Roger Friedman

Ah, the sweet smell of justice by media. Fox News reporter Roger Friedman excoriates People Magazine for “shilling for a cult organization” in today’s column:The new issue of People magazine is out and contains a five-page spread endorsing a program affiliated with the Church of Scientology.The program is Hollywood Education Literacy Project, and in the feature story superstar actor Tom Cruise credits it with curing his illiteracy.But what is barely mentioned is that HELP, as it is known, has been roundly criticized by mainstream educators as a propaganda tool of Scientology.[ … ] Was People magazine so desperate to get a Cruise interview that they didn’t mind shilling for a cult organization? The answer, it seems, is yes.

Read the full story here. [link dead]

Note: The article also gives an incorrect URL for – if it hasn’t been corrected, drop Fox a line and let them know!

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