CNN ~ Tom Cruise interview with Larry King

December 9, 2001 under Tom Cruise

December 9, 2001

Tom Cruise shmoozes with CNN anchor Larry King on the eve of the release of Minority Report, and manages to get in a few plugs for Scientology-based “education”:

KING: When John Travolta was on recently, he told us how Scientology helps him through things.

CRUISE: Yes, absolutely.

KING: Did it help you through this?

CRUISE: Yes. It actually…

KING: By using what?

CRUISE: Well, there’s — Scientology — you know, I’ve been in Scientology 14 years. And it is an applied religious philosophy. And so…

KING: So you can be any religion?

CRUISE: You can be any religion. But there are many tools that you can use to help to understand yourself more, understand the world, and things that you can do to help people. You know, there’s incredible study technology that L. Ron Hubbard developed.

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