October 4, 2005

Ms. Bennetta Slaughter, Chief Executive Officer
Applied Scholastics
11755 Riverview Dr
St. Louis, MO 63138

Dear Ms. Slaughter,

I read with considerable dismay an article in the St. Louis Argus last week that indicated that Applied Scholastics is " ...gearing up for a partnership with Hazelwood Public Schools as an approved provider of tutoring services to children, who attend underperforming schools in that north county school district." This statement is patently false.

First, as you well know, the Hazelwood School District has on many occasions declined offers from your organization for training, materials, meeting space, and other efforts to connect us with Applied Scholastics. We have repeatedly indicated that we are not interested in your services, not willing to participate in your training programs, do not want your materials, and will not enter into any association with Applied Scholastics. Please direct your staff to refrain from any future reference to a "partnership" with Hazelwood School District.

Further, while we have five schools listed as "in improvement," at the present time, only one failed to make AYP in both communication arts and mathematics. As a result, we have only one school for which Supplemental Educational Services are required. In the District, we have 12 separate sites that have been approved by DESE to provide SES, and we fully intend to meet the needs of our students ourselves. We do not need or want an association with Applied Scholastics.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.


Chris L. Wright

Cc: St. Louis Argus
Peter Downs
Board of Education
Dr. Kent King, Commissioner