LA Daily News ~ Public Forum – Hubbard Study Technology isn’t “Religious”

July 29, 1997 under Study Technology

I want to thank the Daily News for a balanced, fair and accurate report on the Los Angeles Board of Education’s examination of the study technology developed by L. Ron Hubbard (“School proposal tied to Scientology; board hesitant to OK charter, allot tax funds,” July 24). It is so rare to sit down and simply read the facts in a newspaper article, especially when it has to do with anything remotely connected to my religion, Scientology.

Now that they are finally looking, I am sure board members will find nothing dangerously religious in Hubbard’s study technology. Instead, they will find a return to the basics: The use of dictionaries to understand every word you are studying, the use of demonstrations to work out key concepts, and the attention to gradients – the idea that you should learn basic things before you tackle more complicated things.

They will find no wild-eyed, freaky, religious gook that causes widespread panic – just simple, but very powerful, tools to help kids learn.

Isn’t that what we need?

Allen Stanfield

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